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Der 48th Firearms Industry Super Shoot 2021 wurde aufgrund der Coronapandemie abgesagt

It is with great disappointment that we are canceling the 2021 48th Firearms Industry Super Shoot. With the current COVID situation. Many countries are not able to attend and if the travel bans are lifted, they will be lifted to close to the start dates of Super Shoot for many to plan to be able to attend. The Super Shoot is a Worldwide event that is for all short-range BR shooters and we want the last one at Kelbly’s to include all countries not just the USA. Currently to come to USA is not an easy process and with this new administration who knows how COVID will be politicized.

We will keep all entries that have been submitted in place of order received and this also includes reserved camp spots. Any questions or concerns just call 330-683-4674 or email me at jim@kelbly.com.

We look forward to seeing you in May. The new dates are May 24 – 27 2022.


DBRV - Deutscher Benchrest Verband e.V.

Wir freuen uns, dass Sie diese Website gefunden haben. Das ist ein Zeichen, dass Sie sich fürs Präzisionsschiessen interessieren.
Das Benchrestschießen (aus dem Englischen: Bench = Tisch, Rest = Auflage) ist eine Form des Schießsports, die auf hohe Präzision ausgerichtet ist.
Was die Formel 1 im Motorsport ist, dass ist das Benchrest Schießen im Schießsport.